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This page is designed to show your thoughts on POTC2 and what's going on with this 2005 movie.

So far rumor has it that the sequel is titled: Pirates of the caribbean 2:Treasures of the Lost Abyss. They say the Abyss reffers to the first pirate ship in the Caribbean. It is guaranteed to have Johnny, Orlando and Kiera.
Please share your opinions and what you think might happen/or what you want to happen.
I think in POTC2 Captin Barbosa should come back and Will's dad should come back because according to the curse he shouldn't be dead. No one who took a madalian could die there for when they throw him off the ship to drown him, he shouldn't have died... (erin--kikiula)
That's a toughie! I haven't even thought of what's going to happen in PotC 2.
I guess what I'd like to see is Jack meeting one of his old enemies while searching for yet another grand treasure. Also, I want to know why he's so drunky! (Mace--mace_chan)
Elizabeth and Will will have a child and take them on a Journey with Jack, Anamaria and his crew to try to find the Abyss, the first pirate ship in the Caribbean. If they find it they could be rewarded with all the riches, or they could take it and go on a long adventure. (Elizabeth--kierarox01)
What I would really like to happen is for Jack Sparrow to show up where I live, kidnap me, and make me marry him. (Daisy--orcachick2005)

That ship?!!?!?!